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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 884 Have No Right to Throw a Tantrum

Spencer chose a restaurant nearby and went with Summer.

Summer and Tim sat together, while Spencer and Karen sat together.

Karen knew this was not the time to talk, so she sat there quietly. If she spoke, it might irritate Spencer.

"Summer, what do you want to eat? Take a look." Spencer smiled and handed the menu to Summer.

Summer took the menu and flipped it. Then, she handed the menu to Tim.

Spencer's expression became embarrassing.

Tim glanced at Summer and saw her indifferent expression. Then he took the menu and began to order. He was Summer's assistant, and he often ordered meals for her, so he knew what Summer liked. He ordered a few dishes according to Summer's preferences.

Summer acted in such a distant manner.

Spencer invited her to dinner, but she did not order and let her assistant do the job. This was because she did not care about Spencer nor did she give him face. Even Karen could read her intentions.

Karen peeped at Spencer. Seeing that Spencer had an ashen face and did not make a sound, she remained silent.copy right hot novel pub