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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 883 Expose it to the Public

Spencer called. When he found that the call was connected, he was delighted. However, when he heard the voice, he realized that it wasn't Summer.

He had a long face, but he still said politely. "When will the meeting end?"

Spencer had brought Karen to apologize to Summer, but he wouldn't tell Tim about this and ask him to convey the message.

After all, this was a skeleton in the closet. And it couldn't be made public.

Spencer's idea was to bring Karen to Summer, so they three would discuss about this matter face to face.

"I'm not sure. President Summer has been very busy lately." When Tim said that, he meant Summer did not want to see them.

"Is that so? But she has to eat. Tell her t I'll be here waiting for her for dinner." After Spencer finished speaking, he did not give Tim the chance to speak and ended the conversation. Then he hung up.

He threw his phone away and grabbed his hair with an ashen face.

Karen heard what he said clearly. She asked, "Does Summer want to see us?"

"Do you think you can meet her as you wish?" Spencer would be annoyed every time he saw Karen, so he said impatiently.

Karen lowered her head and looked away silently.

Spencer was brought up by Alexander, and he was good at socializing. Although Alexander was gone, Spencer was sophisticated. The company was in a recession, but with Alexander's connections, there were still a few fixed partners maintaining its operations.

Although Spencer occasionally needed to ask for help humbly, it was for the sake of the company, and he could endure it.

Summer ignored the members of the Jarrett, but she was closer to Spencer. Spencer had a plan for this.

He knew what kind of person Summer was. She was not a ruthless person.copy right hot novel pub