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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 880 Deal with It!

Karen was nervous. Being questioned by Spencer, she felt a little guilty.

She reached out, brushed her hair beside her ear and forced a smile, "Nothing special. I just went shopping."

Lynn frowned and said sternly, "Spencer, what's the matter? You don't stay in the company to deal with the business. As soon as you come back, you question your mother."

Spencer's phone rang. He received a message. Spencer took out his phone and checked the message from his assistant. At first, he was a little surprised. After he read it, he sneered.

Then, he looked up at Lynn and said, "I can't handle the company's business. Let the responsible deal with it!"

Spencer looked at Karen when he finished speaking.

Although Lynn's attitude towards Karen was better than before after Alexander and Vicky's death, it didn't mean he was stupid.

Spencer usually ignored Karen, but he had never intentionally targeted Karen like this. Also, the company was facing a crisis, but Spencer came back to question Karen.

Although Spencer's abilities were mediocre and was not outstanding, he could distinguish the priorities.

Lynn and Spencer looked at Karen together. Karen said guiltily, "I'll get you a glass of water."

As the head of the family, Lynn always liked to show his authority. He didn't give Karen the chance to change the topic.

He shouted, "Stop!"

Karen trembled and stood there. She did not have the guts to move, nor did she have the guts to look back at Lynn.

Lynn looked at Karen's back and asked seriously, "Did you piss Summer off?"

"I...," Karen wanted to say something, but she was afraid.copy right hot novel pub