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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 879 Does it work?

Hearing Lynn's words, Karen nodded meekly, "Please take the medicine first."

Lynn did not say anything else.

Not long after Lynn took the medicine, Spencer came back.

As soon as Spencer walked in, he looked at Karen. Karen did not know why Spencer stared at her as soon as he walked in. She looked at him embarrassedly, "Spencer?"

When Lynn saw Spencer, Lynn frowned and asked, "Why do you come back? Don't you deal with company's business?"

Spencer raised his eyebrows and pointed at Karen who was sitting beside Lynn. "Don't question me like that. Why don't you ask your good wife what she has done?"

Hearing this, Lynn turned to look at Karen, frowned even more tightly and said with disapproval, "Spencer, don't be self-willed. Return to the company!"

"Summer is the president of the Emerson Group. It's easy for her to deal with our company. So what is the use of me going to the company?"

Spencer walked to the sofa opposite, sat down and looked at Karen closely.

Lynn knew the situation was not optimistic. He took a few deep breaths angrily and said, "Call her. I'll persuade her! No matter what has happened, she's still my daughter. She can't go too far!"

"She can't go too far, but she can shut our company down." Spencer leaned back on the sofa and looked exhausted.

Karen ventured, "It's not that serious. She....copy right hot novel pub