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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 874 Beg Me if You Want to Know

There was no news on the Internet anymore, but everyone around Summer knew about Rosie.

Was that a warning?

At this moment, Summer got a text message.

"Go to the cafe at eight tonight if you don't want Rosie to be exposed." Attached was the address of the cafe.

Summer had never been to this cafe, but the address looked familiar. It was near the Jarrett's villa.

The message was from an unknown number.

After work, Summer took Rosie to Golden Cauldron Club for dinner.

Summer didn't notice Carl when she went over. But as soon as Summer finished ordering, Carl came around.

As soon as Carl walked over, he smiled and greeted Rosie, "Rosie."

"Uncle Carl." Rosie tilted her head and greeted Carl.

Carl teased Rosie and said to Summer with a solemn expression, "You know about that, right?"

Many acquaintances sent messages to Summer to ask about Rosie. So how could Carl not have heard of it?

Summer nodded, "Yes."

"Then what are you going to do?" Carl asked Summer.

Summer turned to look at Rosie. Rosie was lying on the dining table, listening to them curiously. Summer smiled at Rosie, and said to Carl, "Well, what else can I do?"

Because Rosie was here, Summer still looked gentle. However, her words sounded cold.

Carl knew Summer's ideas.

Carl sounded Summer out, "Shall I investigate it for you?"

"There's no need to investigate it. I know who did it." Summer said, "I have something to deal with later.copy right hot novel pub