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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 871 Message Notifications

When Tim heard this, he was stunned, then smiled and nodded before leaving.

Summer went back into the lounge and was going to wake Rosie up. Rosie always ate regularly, and it was lunch time.

So, the moment Summer woke Rosie up, she got up right away. Rosie's face flushed, and bangs on her forehead was in a mess. Rosie was in a daze when she woke up, looking so cute.

Before Summer could say anything, Rosie said softly, "I dreamed of Dad."

"Is that so?" Summer paused, "What did he say to you?"

With that, Summer dressed Rosie and seemed unconcerned.

Rosie was obedient when Summer dressed her. Rosie tilted her head and seriously recalled her dream.

Summer dressed Rosie and looked at her expectantly. But Rosie thought for a long time before frowning and saying, "I forgot."

Rosie had a rubbery face and liked to frown when she was annoyed. When Rosie frowned, her eyebrows were slanted like an old man.

Summer laughed, "Let's eat. Are you hungry?"

"Yeah! I'm hungry." Rosie nodded heavily.

Summer asked Rosie to get out of bed and put on her shoes, before taking Rosie out of the lounge.

As soon as Rosie came out, she saw the food on the table.

Rosie couldn't wait to run over and exclaim in exaggeration, "Wow, there is so much delicious food."

Rosie turned to look at Summer, her eyes twinkling. It seemed that Rosie was really hungry.

Summer walked rapidly and placed the dishes on the dining table one by one. Rosie helped Summer unpack the boxes, but it took her a lot of efforts to do that.

In order to prevent the food from spilling out, the lid of the box was designed to fit snugly.

Summer was worried that Rosie tried so hard that her hand might be cut by the box lid, so she stopped Rosie and said, "Let me open it."

"I can uncover it." Rosie pursed her lips, tried hard, and frowned.copy right hot novel pub