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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 868 Who Suffered the Most

Summer touched Rosie's head and said, "Yes, she has something very important to do at home, and she has to go back."

Rosie nodded in confusion.

Katrina wanted to go home to take care of her daughter-in-law. Although Summer agreed, she might be in trouble.

Katrina was introduced to Summer by Tim, and she was nice and trustworthy. It would be difficult to find a good care-taker like her in a short time.

And Summer had to go to the company every day. Once Katrina left, Summer would either bring all her work home or bring Rosie to the company. Clearly, the latter was more feasible.

Summer was still unable to handle the business of the Emerson Group independently. In the end, she decided to bring Rosie to the company.

Fortunately, there was a private elevator in the parking lot, which led to the president's office. And usually very few people appeared on the floor where the president's office was.

In this way, even if Rosie followed Summer to the company every day, it would be OK.

The next morning, Katrina left. Tim drove to pick Summer up to the company.

When Rosie saw Tim, she sweetly greeted, "Good morning, Uncle Tim."

"Good morning, Rosie," Tim replied with a gentle smile.

When Tim saw that Summer was going to take Rosie to the company, he was somewhat surprised, "Where's Katrina?"

"She had to go home to take care of her daughter-in-law, and I agreed," Summer said as she carried Rosie into the car.

When Tim heard this, he frowned slightly, "Then how about I find someone else for you?"

Summer shook her head and refused, "No, it's hard to find someone like her for the time being. It won't be long before Rosie returns to school."

"Besides, if Rosie stays with me all the time," she said, "I'll feel more at ease."

Then Tim stopped saying anything else.

On the way to the company, Summer noticed that Tim looked back from the rear-view mirror several times, looking like he was about to say something.copy right hot novel pub