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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 867 Targeted at Leonardo

Tim did not hear Summer's reply for a long time, then he asked again, "President Summer?"

Summer paused for a moment and said, "Don't worry. I'll take a look online first."

"Yes." Tim then hung up.

Summer browsed the internet. Sure enough, several authoritative media reposted the news.

Almost four years had passed since that event happened. Summer almost forgot Adams. That Adams was a cousin of Leonardo had never been publicized. People seldom knew about it.

Leonardo used to be the boss behind the Tip Top Media Company was not known to the outsiders too.

Therefore, no one would think that the death of Adams was related to Leonardo. Very few people knew about it. And Carl and Tim would never expose it.

Only Stanley targeted Leonardo all the time. He would not let go of any opportunity to damage Leonardo’s reputation and interest.

The person who framed Leonardo up online last time was Stanley, and he led this event as well.

This reminded Summer of Adams. She gradually felt that Stanley and Adams were similar. They were very similar.

Adams became twisted and paranoid after knowing where he came from. What was more, he wanted to risk his own life to kill Leonardo.copy right hot novel pub