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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 866 A Shady Person

Jessica listened to Summer, stunned. "So you already knew?"

Summer asked her, "Does it become a trending topic?"

"Yes." Jessica handed the phone to Summer and signaled her to have a look.

Summer was right before. Adams had a large number of fans, and it had just been a few years since he died.

As Adams’ girlfriend before he died, Vicky did attracted many attentions.

There were three trending topics related to Vicky.

The first was Vicky's name, "Vicky."

The second was "Vicky passed away."

The third was "A sad couple."

The third topic was the hottest because it was related to Adams and initiated by Adams’ fans.

When Jessica saw that Summer had turned to the third topic, she leaned over and clicked on it, "I'll show you this one. I'm dying of laughter when I read it."

Summer didn't know the blogger Jessica showed her was Adams' fan or a spectator who didn't know the truth

"I think we all misunderstood Vicky. She truly loves Adams. Ever since Adams passed away, she has disappeared without a trace. Then the news of her death comes. We all know that her reputation in the entertainment industry has always been terrible..."

There was a long paragraph after a long paragraph.

She was probably analyzing the affairs of Adams and Vicky.

Jessica sighed, "People online are always full of imagination. How can the truth be so touching?"

"No, Vicky loves Adams," Summer put her phone aside.

"What?" Jessica was stunned.

Summer smiled and said seriously to Jessica, "Vicky really loves Adams."

Jessica shrugged and said no more.copy right hot novel pub