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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 864 You Think I Am Sick?

Summer looked at Karen and said coldly, "I'm going home."

"Summer..." Karen stood outside the car with tearful eyes. She reached out and held the edge of the car window, "Summer, don't be so ruthless."

Suddenly, a car horn sounded behind them, as someone was urging Summer to move quickly.

Summer looked at Karen with straight face and said, "Go back to make arrangements for her funeral. Don't come here again. No matter how many times you look for me, I won't interfere with your affairs."

Karen was filled with disbelief, "Why are you so mean to me? I am your biological mother!"

"You've said that before. Anything else?" Summer looked at Karen with an indifferent expression. It was hard to tell what she was thinking.

Karen looked at Summer and was so shocked that she even stopped crying, "You..."

Summer impatiently pulled away Karen's hand on the car window, "Don't come here again." She closed the window and restarted the car.

Karen unyieldingly slapped the car window outside with loud sounds, calling her name. But Summer had made up her mind to ignore her and drove away.copy right hot novel pub