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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 86: He's Just an Innocent Victim

Summer didn't find it intriguing, but what she said amused Adams.

Adams was a big shot in the entertainment industry. Wherever he went, there would be paparazzi. In fact, Summer didn't really want to meet him even if it was just coincidence, because she was afraid of being photographed.

Unfortunately, Adams had good memory, and even took the initiative to greet her when he saw her again.

If paparazzi caught them being together, she would definitely be on the headlines again.

She even knew what the headline would be.

It must be something like "Mrs. Emerson secretly meets a famous actor".

The thought of it gave her shudders.

Therefore, Summer wanted to end her conversation with Adams. She smiled politely and said, "I still have things to attend to. Excuse me."

"See you later." Adams was still gentle even if he knew what was on her mind.

Summer was somewhat uncomfortable and left in a hurry.

Adams turned around and watched her figure disappear before walking forward again.

The assistant asked him, "Adams, does she have anything to do with Mr. Emerson? I seemed to have seen them being together in the Golden Cauldron the other day."

"Really? I'm not sure." Adams was walking with his dead down, his smile fading away. Nobody knew what was on his mind.

Adams came here today to be prepared for the next movie.

It was a suspense movie and he was a psychiatrist in it. So he came to the psychiatric clinic to get a first-hand experience.

As Adams and his assistant entered, Leonardo and Tim went into the corridor.

Leonardo looked at the place where Adams and Summer were chatting.

Tim peeked at Leonardo, hoping to say something. But words failed him.

Adams had a tight schedule, so he didn't spend much time in the clinic.

When he came out, he saw Leonardo in the corridor.

He asked in surprise, "Leonardo? Why are you here?"

Adams suddenly came to understand why. He said, "You and Summer came here together."

Leonardo did not answer. Instead, he waved at Tim, signaling him to leave.

Tim left and Adams’ assistant left with him.

There were only them in the empty corridor.

Leonardo still looked icy, but his attitude to Adams was much better than to strangers.

He stared at Adams and said, "Adams, I told you that Summer is my wife."

"I know that. She’s got a special name.copy right hot novel pub