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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 857 When You'll Forgive Me

Summer stopped talking. She walked over to the car and got in it.

Leonardo followed closely behind.

When he got in the car, Summer's phone rang.

While Summer was answering the phone, Leonardo leaned over and buckled her seat belt.

Summer wanted to refuse, as she didn't want Leonardo to help her with her seat belt. However, Leonardo was tough. Summer had to answer the phone, so she could only glare at him.

The person who called her was Spencer, who hadn't contacted her since she met Vicky.

"Spencer." Hearing Spencer's name, Leonardo looked up at Summer.

Summer did not notice that Leonardo was looking at her. She waited for Spencer to speak on the other end of the phone.

Spencer only said, "Grandpa is dying."

Summer was dumfounded. After a while, she recovered from her surprise and said, "I see."

"Are you really not going to see Grandpa for the last time?" Spencer paused for a moment, and then he changed his tone and said helplessly, "Summer, just do me a favor. Come back and take a last look at him, OK?"

Summer did not immediately reply to Spencer, but turned to look out of the window.

This summer seems to be exceptionally long. After so many things had happened, she thought it should be autumn now.copy right hot novel pub