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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 856 Powerlessness

Carl listened to Leonardo and stopped doing public relations.

The PR department of the Emerson Group also stopped interfering in this matter because of Leonardo's order in Summer's name.

For a moment, Leonardo was steered towards controversy.

Many people just watched or said something sarcastic to Leonardo. There were even people who said that Summer was ruthless and heartless towards Leonardo.

After all, although Leonardo and Summer had divorced, he still left the Emerson Group to Summer. Just because of that, Summer should have cared about Leonardo.

Not only did the netizen say so, but the upper-class was saying that Summer was a ruthless and heartless woman.

Even Jessica called Summer and asked her to interfere in it.

Summer replied firmly, "No need."

Since Leonardo said that she didn't need to worry about it, then she would ignore it. So what if they said she was a ruthless woman? Would she care about these things even now?

The so-called "scandals" about Leonardo online had been spreading and made headlines for days.

However, Leonardo had disappeared from the public sight. What was the use of those people criticizing Leonardo online?

Leonardo didn't show up, and Summer divorced Leonardo. She was the owner of the Emerson Group, but she had broken with Leonardo.

Those people also assume the worst of Summer, but she didn't care at all.

Stocks of the Emerson Group also suffered a loss, but this was not essential for Summer.

After going through so much, very few things could irritate her now.

Leonardo was one of them.

Summer took the elevator to the underground parking lot. Just as the elevator door opened, she saw Leonardo standing outside the elevator.

Leonardo wore a cap, a simple T-shirt, and trousers.copy right hot novel pub