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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 852 Financial Crimes Suspected.

Tim glanced at Summer and did not say anything else. He carried that stack of documents and went out.

Summer sat at her desk and took out Leonardo's pen. She got a lot of these pens when she was young. However, she never thought this pen was the beginning of her relationship with Leonardo.

And neither did she expect that boy was actually Leonardo. At that time, that boy looked so ragged that nobody would thought he was the son of a wealthy family.

Just as Summer was lost in thought, her phone vibrated. It was a text message.

Summer picked it up and look at the screen. She saw a red "8" on the icon.

It meant she had eight unread messages. Who sent her so many messages this morning?

When Summer was about to open it, she saw the number was increasing dramatically.

Summer frowned slightly. It must be something urgent.

Summer opened the message and found that it was Jessica who sent her those messages.

"Summer, have you seen the news?"

"Are you busy?"

"[Picture] [Picture] [Picture]."

"Take a look. There's a lot of news about Leonardo's dirty deeds all of a sudden!"

"These news stories were in vivid detail. I don't think they're true, are they?"

"I don't think Leonardo is such a person."

"Are you there?"

"Are you in a meeting?"

"I think someone was setting up Leonardo.copy right hot novel pub