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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 85: PTSD

Summer left first and stood at the door, waiting for Vicky.

When Vicky saw her, her face darkened. She said, "Your days at the Jarrett Group are numbered. Dad will kick you out!"

"Really? Kick me out?" Summer smiled gently. "Don't you want Leonardo’s investment?"

Vicky snorted, "Do you really think Leonardo has any money at all?"

"Watch your mouth." Summer swept her a glance.

"You don’t watch your mouth. You’re not in the position to judge others." Vicky tilted her chin and smiled complacently. She suddenly remembered something and her smile disappeared. She turned around and returned to Lynn's office.

Summer glanced at the office door, which was tightly closed, and left.

In Lynn's office.

Vicky sat opposite him with a serious expression and said, "Dad, I forgot to tell you something. Summer has a black card exclusive to the Emerson Group!"

"How do you know?" Lynn asked in shock, "she just got married. How is it possible?"

"When Jerome and I went to the Golden Cauldron Club for dinner, I saw her pay with the black card!" Vicky said with agitation, "I heard the card has no limit."

Lynn had no idea whether the black card had limit or not.

The Emersons were one of the richest. Even if there was a limit to how much money they can withdraw, that would be a huge amount of money.

Seeing that Lynn was pondering, Vicky continued, "If we can get Summer’s card, we won’t have to worry about the money!"

Lynn was tempted. But he was an experienced businessman and wouldn't be as impulsive as young people. He was very cautious in decision making.

He thought for a moment before saying, "But the card was given by Leonardo to Summer. Will she give it to us?"

Seeing Lynn was moved, Vicky was encouraged. She continued, "Dad, you are her father. You spent so much efforts in bringing her up. It's just a card. What's the big deal? Even if there is misunderstanding and she doesn't want to give you the card, mom can persuade her."

Hearing this, Lynn was silent for a moment. But he nodded after a while.


When Summer came off work, she went home and prepared dinner for “Douglas”. Dinner was not ready when he came home.copy right hot novel pub