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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 849 Undisguised Love

Summer didn't want to talk to Leonardo. She really didn't know what to do with Leonardo.

She was not a match to him in terms of schemes.

She was also not as thick-skinned as him.

She knew she was angry. Leonardo also knew that she was angry, but he just didn't explain it to her.

There was one thing Leonardo was right about. She really cared about him.

For a time, she really hated Leonardo and wanted to be with someone else. But after such a long time, even if Leonardo and Amber announced their marriage, she still couldn't imagine what her life would be like with another man.

Summer glanced at Leonardo and then turned to look elsewhere.

Leonardo placed the glass of water on the worktop behind Summer, and then he put his freed hand beside Summer.

Summer could feel that Leonardo was very close to her, as she could even feel his breath.

Summer turned around and found Leonardo was standing in front of her with his hands on the worktop behind her.

Behind him was the ice-cold worktop and in front of her was Leonardo. Summer was trapped by Leonardo to his front. She could not retreat, nor could she walk forward.

She had no choice but to look up at Leonardo, "What do you mean?"

Leonardo slowly lowered his body. Like a slow-motion in a movie, he slowly leaned over and approached her.

The two of them were too close to each other. Summer's pupils contracted abruptly and she subconsciously tilted back.

There was no room behind her and she soon had no place to tilt back. Leonardo reached out to support Summer's waist in time.

Summer’s clothes were thin, and she could clearly feel Leonardo's strong arms on her waist.

Summer hadn't been so close to Leonardo for a long time. Her body suddenly stiffened and her breathing couldn't help but lighten.copy right hot novel pub