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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 847 A Play Directed and Acted by Himself

Summer minded what Leonardo had done, so she couldn't talk to him peacefully at all. However, she still couldn't get used to the fact that Leonardo suddenly turned to be so obedient.

She took a deep look at Leonardo and turned around to sit on the sofa on the other side. She crossed her arms and legs, then stared at Leonardo with no expression on her face.

It was quiet in the room.

The bedroom wasn't small, but with Leonardo in the room, Summer felt the room turned to be crowded.

The two of them looked at each other and didn't say anything. Summer waited for Leonardo to talk first. But Leonardo only looked at her seriously and attentively, he didn't seem to want to talk at all.

Summer patiently waited. Finally, when she thought Leonardo was going to stare at her like this all night, Leonardo finally talked.

"I want to see Rosie." He looked at Summer with deep eyes. It was hard to tell what he felt at this time from his eyes.

After waiting for so long, Summer thought he would finally give an explanation of what had happened before. However, she did not expect that Leonardo only wanted to see Rosie.

Summer froze for a moment, and then she laughed out loud.

"You finally remember you still have a daughter?" Summer looked at him mockingly, "She is right next door. You can go to see her by yourself."

She didn't get up after she finished her words. She still sat still, as he did not want to take Leonardo to see Rosie.

Leonardo did not move at all hearing what she said.

Summer raised her eyes to look at him and he also looked at Summer.

Summer hated it when he didn't say anything, "I'm sleepy."

She was obviously driving him out.copy right hot novel pub