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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 845 Guest

Summer did not know what Leonardo was thinking, but his expression was somewhat gloomy, as if he was hesitating.

Summer remembered that Katrina was still at home and that Leonardo was still missing on the surface. He had never appeared because he didn't want anyone to know his whereabouts.

Thinking of this, she looked up at Leonardo and said, "You know where I live. You can come up in half an hour. If you don't come... It's on your own."

With that, she pressed the button to close the elevator. The elevator door slowly closed. Summer leaned against the wall and was a little absent-minded.

Ever since she guessed that Leonardo might not be in danger, she thought that Leonardo might come looking for her sooner or later.

Seeing Leonardo again, she was filled with complicated feelings. After experiencing so many things, it was difficult to tell what she thought of Leonardo in her heart.

Whether she loved or hated him, she did not know. Summer just wanted these things to pass quickly and returned to her normal life.

Some things that could not be answered could only be left to time. Time was the wisest decision-maker and gave the most correct answers to all problems.

When she reached the floor, the elevator door opened automatically.

Summer exited the elevator and calmed down before walking to her door.

She took out the key and opened the door with the same smile as usual, "Rosie, I'm back!"

Rosie jumped out of the room and said, "Mom!"

"Rosie, slow down." Katrina followed from behind.copy right hot novel pub