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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 844 Give Me Another Hug, Will You?

Summer said with a hint of mockery, "Am I tired? The way I handle the Emerson Group has nothing to do with you."

After saying that, Summer could feel the atmosphere in the carriage had become somewhat intense.

Immediately after, Leonardo called out her name, "Summer."

His voice was neither small nor loud, with repressed emotion. However, Summer could sense the anger in his tone.

Summer took a deep breath, opened the car door, got off the car and strode towards the elevator.

The man's footsteps sounded behind her.

Leonardo got off the car and caught up to her, blocking her path.

Summer wanted to bypass him and leave, but he reached out and grabbed Summer's arm, "Summer!"

"Let me go!" Summer didn't look at him. She just glanced at the hand he was pulling on her arm.

He controlled his strength so well that it would not make her feel uncomfortable or make her able to break free.

Summer was angry. Why did he decide everything by himself? If he wanted to appear, he would appear. If he wanted to disappear, he would disappear.

She lowered her head and opened her mouth to bite the back of Leonardo's hand.

Summer bit him hard. She felt Leonardo's body tighten, but he did not let go of her and just let her bite to vent her anger.

Leonardo held her in his arms with his other empty hand, and his thick palm patted her head.

Summer gradually calmed down and loosened her mouth, but her shoulders were trembling slightly.

Leonardo could feel that his shirt was a little wet. He stiffened, and his arms around Summer tightened a little, but he did not say anything.

The underground parking lot was dark and hot. Summer was tightly clasped in his arms, and not long after, she was covered in sweat.

"Let go of me.copy right hot novel pub