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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 841 It Can't Be Leonardo

Summer listened to Rosie's words and paused for a moment before putting her changed shoes into the shoe cabinet.

The nanny was cleaning up the kitchen, but when she heard their talk, she knew Summer had returned. She put the dishes back into the cupboard and walked out.

"Ms. Summer, you're back!"

"Katrina, thank you for your hard work today."

The nanny's name was Katrina. When Summer looked at her, her expression had returned to its usual calm.

"It's okay. Rosie is a good girl." Katrina liked Rosie a lot.

Rosie, who had gone to fetch the painting, ran over.

"Mom, come and see!" Rosie ran over and stuffed the painting into Summer's hand.

Summer took the painting and took Rosie to the sofa. They sat on the sofa. Rosie pointed at the painting and showed it to Summer, "This is Dad; this is you; and this is me..."

Children's paintings were very abstract. However, Summer took it very seriously.

Rosie explained to her from the side, "Dad is working; Mom is cooking..."

Summer looked at Rosie gently. Rosie did not know what had happened, nor did she know that her father had disappeared.

At night, after Rosie fell asleep, Summer held the pen and sat at her desk.

The paint on the pen had peeled off.copy right hot novel pub