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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 84: Screw up a Project

"Douglas" took the document from her and said indifferently, "In case you forget, your major has nothing to do with business."

Summer was tongue-tied.

She knew that he had already investigated her when they got married. It was not a surprise that he knew her major and the fact that she was utterly ignorant of doing business.

"Douglas" skimmed through it before putting it aside. He frowned.

Summer asked in confusion, "What's wrong?"

"Douglas" glanced at her and said, "There’s nothing valuable in it. The Jarrett Group won’t secure the project."

Dishes were served and Leonardo picked up his chopsticks and began to eat.

Summer picked the document up doubtfully and read it again. She was unable to wrap her head around.

However, since she asked "Douglas" for help, she should trust him. Summer didn’t ask any question.


In the afternoon, Vicky went to negotiation along with her team.

The company that they were going to cooperate was Tengsen Ltd., a medium-sized business in Hoover City. Its business prospects were better than the Jarrett Group.

They waited at the conference room. The person in charge of the project came after a while.

The manager was a middle-aged woman in her forty. Her hair was dressed meticulously. She seemed to be very competent.

Vicky stood up and greeted her in an arrogant manner, "Ms. Flora, nice to see you again."

Ms. Flora glanced at her and sat down, ignoring her greeting. She cut to the chase, "I made it very clear last time that you need to show your sincerity for the negotiation to continue."

Vicky turned to look at Summer and said to Ms. Flora, "My father, the chairman of the Jarrett Group, sent his two daughters to discuss the project. Isn't this enough?"

Ms. Flora darted an impatient look at Summer and her expression became even gloomier. She hated people who pulled strings. She had never liked Vicky. The fact that Vicky brought a useless sister to the negotiation annoyed Ms. Flora even further.

"Sorry, I have a meeting at three o'clock.copy right hot novel pub