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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 839 What Happened Afterwards?

Summer felt that Stanley's expression was very strange. She clenched the bag in her hand, and her phone was in the bag.

She was thinking that maybe she could take out her phone and call the police, if Stanley wanted to harm her later.

Tim was a vigilant person. If he didn't find Leonardo in the supermarket, he would come out soon. If he didn't see Summer at the door, he would be suspicious soon.

Summer was alert, but she remained calm, "What do you remember?"

She was sure that Leonardo had sent the old pen to the Emerson Group's office. Only Leonardo could be so familiar with the Emerson Group and avoid the surveillance cameras and Tim, and ensure that the first person to discover the package was Summer.

Leonardo must have written the note in the pen box. However, the problem was why when she came here, she saw Stanley instead of Leonardo.

Stanley was deep-minded and extremely intelligent, so he could tell Summer was pretending to be calm. However, this was not important to him.

He looked to the other side with a look of recollection, "In my childhood, my home was on the street next door. My parents loved each other, and both my sister and brother were very smart..."

When Summer heard him say this, she felt very strange.

"But... later..." Stanley's originally warm expression suddenly subsided, becoming extremely gloomy. "They were implicated by the kidnap of Leonardo's mother..."

"Because of Leonardo's mother?" Summer remembered that Stanley seemed to know a little about his mother's case before, but she never had the chance to know it.copy right hot novel pub