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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 838 You Don't Remember Anymore

The address on the note was an old street.

Over the years, Hoover City had developed rapidly, with skyscrapers everywhere and buildings constantly being developed. However, this old street still looked like it did more than ten years ago.

Summer got off the car and said with some emotion, "When I was in primary school, I used to walk on this road every day."

With a loud sound, Summer closed the car door and took a few steps forward. "At that time, Vicky didn't like me. She didn't let me ride with her in the same car. My mother told me not to cause any trouble, so I walked every day after school. This is a shortcut to the school."

Tim listened silently and did not say anything.

The afterglow shone on the old street, making it gentle and quiet.

Summer looked around the old buildings and narrowed her eyes. She murmured, "But I don't understand why he wrote the address here..."

"Mr. Emerson never does anything meaningless." Tim knew Leonardo well. He thought Leonardo must have his reasons for writing down this address.

Summer had memorized the address on the note.copy right hot novel pub