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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 836 Don't Open It Yet

Since there had been no news about Leonardo and the Emerson Group had been taken over by Summer, the Emerson Group's share prices had been falling during this period. Summer had long anticipated this situation.

As for Leonardo, who handed the Emerson Group to Summer, he had definitely anticipated such a situation, too.

When Summer arrived at the Emerson Group in the morning, some reporters rushed over to take photograph of her.

Of course, the security guards of the Emerson Group were very professional. When the reporters rushed over, the security guards came in time to stop them.

"May I ask if Leonardo's car accident was really an accident? Was Leonardo handing the Emerson to you, for some other reasons?"

"Ms. Summer, please answer..."

The questions were a little tricky, and he was implying that Leonardo's car accident might have been caused by Summer.

Summer raised her head to look at the reporter who was shouting. The reporter was stopped by the security guard but still struggled unwillingly to come over to take a picture of Summer.

Summer entered the Emerson Group under the escort of the security guards.

By the time she got to the office, Tim was there.

"President Summer, would you like some water or coffee?" Tim asked.


Summer had many documents to deal with today, so she needed some coffee to refresh herself.

Summer put down her bag and was about to sit down when she found a package on her desk.

She did not see it just now, because it was covered by the file. Summer sat down, picked up the package and looked at it.

The package was not big, so Summer could not guess what was inside.

At this moment, Tim walked in.

"Did you bring this package here?" Summer raised the package and asked Tim.

When Tim saw the package, he was stunned and said with a serious expression, "I just arrived at the company ten minutes earlier than you. When I entered, I did not see any package on the desk. Furthermore, even if there was a package for you, the security department would check if there were any dangerous items before delivering them.copy right hot novel pub