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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 830 Sell the Emerson Group

The next morning, Summer went to the Emerson Group. It was the first time Summer officially came to the Emerson Group since the news that she took over the Emerson Group was released.

The employees in the Emerson Group knew Summer. Even those who did not know her, they must have searched about her on the internet.

Tim went to Summer's house to pick her up.

As soon as Summer entered the Emerson Group's gate, she received gazes from all directions. Some looked at her with curiosity, some with contempt.

Summer walked towards the elevator entrance without looking away.

Leonardo had a dedicated elevator. Summer stood in front of his private elevator, and the scene of Leonardo at work suddenly flashed through her mind.

She had been with Leonardo for more than four years, but she rarely came to the Emerson Group with Leonardo openly. She also didn't see Leonardo coming to work and waiting for the elevator from outside.

Summer had never seen such a scene before, but she could still imagine it.

The elevator door opened. "President Summer." When Tim saw that Summer did not move, he reminded her.

After Summer listened to the way she was addressed by Tim, she was stunned for a moment before she raised her head and entered the elevator.

Because it was private elevator, there were only her and Tim in the elevator. Summer stared at the constantly changing floor numbers and suddenly asked, "Is there any news of Leonardo?"

Tim gave Summer an expected answer, "Not yet."

Summer gave an awkward smile, "I see."

When the elevator reached the top floor, Summer took the lead and walked straight to Leonardo's office.

Tim followed closely behind her and helped Summer open the office door.

Summer was very familiar with the arrangement in the office, and it was the same as before.copy right hot novel pub