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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 828 Strange Illness

Summer's words did not put an end to the reporter’s question. Instead, he continued, "I think this is also a problem related to the Emerson Group. Ms. Summer, you are taking over the Emerson Group now. We just want to know the reason."

Summer said, "Excuse me. Personal questions won't be answered."

The man wanted to say something else. But Tim had asked people to go down and take the reporter away.

The Emerson Group was the leader of the business community. Even though Leonardo was missing now, it still maintained its status and would not allow an unknown reporter to be so presumptuous.

Afterwards, the reporters were all asking proper questions.

The press conference went smoothly. The video of the press conference was edited before being released.

As soon as the video was released, it led to a hot discussion among the spectators who didn't know the truth. However, it had nothing to do with Summer.

After finishing the press conference, Summer returned home. When she walked to the door, she found Jessica was standing at her door.

Jessica crossed her arms and said with a smile, "Ms. Summer, you are at the prime of your life, aren't you?"

Summer knew that Jessica was angry that she did not tell her about these things.copy right hot novel pub