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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 826 True Owner of the Emerson Group

However, the problem was that they still had no news of Leonardo yet, and there had been no trace of Stanley either.

Now, they didn't have any news of Leonardo at all, it was hard to say whether Leonardo would contact them on his own initiative.

However, the most pressing issue was that the Emerson Group had no leader now. If Leonardo disappeared for one more days, the employees of the Emerson Group would be even more panicked.

They all fell silent after saying this.

After a while, Tim said, "Ms. Summer, please think about it."

He meant to let Summer consider taking over the Emerson Group. Summer's expression became much indifferent, "I don't know how to do business."

"Never mind. I'll help you." A hint of joy flashed through Timothy's eyes.

In terms of affection, Tim had been through more experience than Leonardo had. Tim had been in love with Violet since they were in college. Finally, they got married. Their life ran smoothly, and their child also grew up. But then, they divorced.

Later, they remarried. A good relationship could not only make people grow up, but also make them happy.

In other ways, he was not as capable as Leonardo was. But in terms of affection, Tim felt that he was a little more perceptive than Leonardo.

Leonardo was a little stubborn about affection. From the beginning when Leonardo intended to do this, Tim did not agree with him.

Leonardo had gone to great lengths to make Summer give up. But now, he was missing, leaving the Emerson Group to Summer. What position did he put Summer in? Just as Summer had said, how would she live alone?

In fact, Tim had already thought about it. Even if Summer refused to come forward, he had no reason to blame her. At that time, he could only publish the documents.copy right hot novel pub