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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 825 It Might Be Stanley

Summer contacted the nanny Tim introduced to her. The nanny was a native of Hoover City and lived in the suburbs. She was a simple woman. Summer trusted Tim's eye for people. After talking to the nanny for a few minutes, she decided to hire her.

The nanny stayed at Summer's house. Rosie did not reject the nanny, which was much better than Summer had expected.

The rear-end collision accident continued to make headlines for several days. The casualties were finally confirmed, and two people were missing. One of them was Leonardo.

Rosie gradually got along well with the new nanny. But that was all. She just did not reject the nanny.

Since Leonardo had yet been found, someone on the board of directors of the Emerson Group couldn't sit still anymore.

Tim couldn't hold the pressure and came to Summer. He sat on the sofa in the living room of Summer's home, and Summer sat opposite him.

"Ms. Summer, as you know, Mr. Emerson has been missing for many days. I cannot pacify the board of directors of the Emerson Group anymore."

Tim was a bit more haggard than the last time Summer saw him. Maybe he had been too busy and tired lately.copy right hot novel pub