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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 823 How Can I Live With Myself!

Summer listened to Trevin's words and fell silent.

The grudge between Stanley and Leonardo was age-old. But until now, Summer did not understand why Stanley hated Leonardo so much.

He seemed to have a deep-rooted hatred for Leonardo. However, no one knew why.

"I think that if we want to find Stanley, we must investigate Leonardo's whereabouts first." Trevin spoke, but frowned then.

Leonardo's disappearance was a big deal. Even if there was no one left in the Emerson family, the other people whose interests were related to Leonardo would still send people to find him.

However, even though there were so many people searching for Leonardo, it had been 48 hours since the car accident, and there was still no trace of him.

Trevin said these words. When he saw that Summer did not react at all, a trace of surprise flashed through his eyes. He then said tentatively, "We have to go to the scene to check the situation."

Summer finally reacted. She asked Trevin, "Have you been there?"

"No. The scene was cordoned off on the day of the incident. But we should be able to get in today." Trevin reached out to wipe his face and let out a long sigh.

Recently, he had expended all his effort to investigate Lester. Unexpectedly, Stanley suddenly disappeared, which frustrated him.

He had always thought that everything was under his control. But he could do nothing while Stanley suddenly disappeared.

After a while, Summer said, "Let's go tomorrow."

The next day, Summer sent Rosie to Jessica and then went to the scene with Trevin.

The scene of the accident was in the suburbs, which took two hours to drive from the downtown. The cordon on the road where the accident happened had been removed.

Trevin parked the car by the side of the road. Summer opened the door and got off the car, standing there and looking down. Down there was the cliff, thickly forested.

At first glance, it made people feel dizzy. Summer supported the guardrail and kept her feet.

She stood there, looked down, and never looked away then. There were the wrecks of the car and the rescue workers who appeared at intervals. However, they were too far away to be seen clearly.

Summer subconsciously kept recalling the scene when the car rear-ended and went off the cliff. Summer could even imagine Leonardo's calm and indifferent face at the moment of the incident.copy right hot novel pub