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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 821 Right of Succession

Summer was ordering a meal. She just took a look at Jessica and ordered the food on the phone.

After hanging up the phone, she asked Jessica, "What's wrong? What happened?"

Jessica held the phone with a strange expression. She turned to look at Rosie.

Rosie was about to fall asleep on the sofa, as she could hardly keep her eyes open.

Summer noticed Jessica's strange behavior and walked over. Jessica's expression was somewhat serious.

After a moment's hesitation, Jessica handed her phone to Summer and said, "See it yourself."

Summer took the phone over and saw the top post of the official's Twitter account of a media.

"There was a rear-end collision in the suburbs of Hoover City this morning. Four cars rushed down the cliff. Upon investigation, it was discovered that one of the cars was owned by Leonardo, the president of the Emerson Group. According to the relevant staff of the Emerson Group, Leonardo has been missing for twelve hours..."

Summer was shocked and turned to look at Jessica. Jessica did not say anything.

Summer took some time before she finally understood what had happened. She was in a panic.

Jessica was a little worried to see Summer's look. She whispered, "It just pop out. I'll call my friends at home to confirm it...."

Jessica picked up the phone, got up and walked to the balcony outside. She directly called Carl’s number.

About this kind of matter, Carl might tell them something close to the truth.

As usual, Carl quickly picked up the phone.

"I saw the news. Is it true?"

They had tacit understanding, so Carl knew what she was talking about even though she didn't say it clearly.

Carl was tensed and said in an anxious voice, "I just went to find Tim, and he couldn't contact Leonardo for more than ten hours. Leonardo is not in the company or at home..."

Jessica's face turned pale. "Do you mean something really happened to Leonardo?"

Carl sighed, "Tim has been worked together with Leonardo for so many years. Apart from three years ago, Tim has never been unable to contact Leonardo for such a long time."

"I see..." Just as Jessica was about to hang up, Carl anxiously asked, "Are you planning to return home soon?"

"Yes, we bought tomorrow night's ticket." Jessica did not have the mood to mess around with Carl now.

Carl said, "I'll go pick you up.copy right hot novel pub