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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 820 Felt Uneasy

The air-conditioners in the airport made the indoor temperature very cool. Leonardo was dressed in black and he looked cold.

Carl walked towards Leonardo. He went to Leonardo and met Leonardo's eyes. He raised his eyebrows and asked in surprise, "Why are you also here?"

Leonardo said perfunctorily, "I'm just passing by."

After saying that, he turned around and walked outside.

Carl chased after him and said, "You're busy. Why do you pass by the airport? Even Rosie won't believe that."

Leonardo paused for a moment before continuing forward. When he arrived at the parking lot, Leonardo walked straight to his car.

Carl kept following behind Leonardo.

Leonardo took out the car key and unlocked the car. He reached out to open the car door, but Carl pressed on the door to stop him.

He looked up at Carl expressionlessly with cold eyes.

Carl looked at Leonardo with fear in his eyes, but then he thought that Leonardo wouldn't do anything to him. He simply took a few steps to block the car door.

"Tell me the truth. What are you doing at the airport?" Carl confronted Leonardo and he had to get an answer.

Leonardo was silent for a moment, and his face darkened as he said, "Get out of the way."

Carl trembled at these two simple words. Leonardo's aura was too strong. Even though Carl had known Leonardo for so many years, he was still unavoidably frightened. He could only retreat to the side reluctantly.

When Leonardo got on the car, Carl couldn't hold back and said, "Leonardo, you're here to see Summer off, aren't you?"

Leonardo stopped getting into the car. He paused for a bit longer.

Carl was sure he guessed right. He said excitedly, "I guessed right. You almost tricked everyone! I never believe that you would part with Summer. You are a stubborn person, and it is impossible for you to give up if you fall in love with someone."

"Besides, it's impossible for you to fall for a woman like Amber..."

After Carl said a bunch of things, Leonardo was indifferent. "Have you finished?"

"Yes...." Carl answered cowardly.

Carl was jittery as soon as Leonardo's face darkened.copy right hot novel pub