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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 818 Ask for help

After the reporters were sent away, Summer and Jessica went into the room. Rosie obediently sat on the sofa and waited for Summer.

As soon as she saw Summer come in, she called out, "Mom."

"Rosie." Jessica walked over to pick Rosie up and teased her.

Summer went to pour Jessica some water, and Jessica followed behind her.

"What did you mean just now? Did someone deliberately bring the reporter here?" Jessica asked.

Summer nodded absentmindedly and handed the water to Jessica.

Jessica took a sip and put it to the side, "Who would do that? Amber is still in the detention center, so she won't have the chance to do such a thing, right? Does someone want to make trouble for you now?"

"Perhaps." Summer turned around and looked at Jessica, "You said you wanted to travel abroad with us? Have you set the date yet?"

"I can travel at any time. I don't have much work in the next six months. The film I take are going to start early next year at the earliest." When it came to traveling abroad, Jessica was also excited.

In the end, she said, "Since there are so many troubles here, we can just get away and travel abroad to relax."

Summer and Jessica decided to travel abroad and started to prepare everything.

Actually, there was nothing to prepare. There was a matter that was not easy to deal with.

That was about suing Amber.

Summer had made up her mind to sue Amber. However, after a series of procedures, the time for the court session was still not decided yet.

Summer had contacted her lawyer before, but the procedures took long. As a client, Summer naturally had to keep in touch with her lawyer at any time.

As long as Summer wanted to sue Amber, Amber would definitely be sent to jail. Summer asked Jessica to take care of Rosie, and then she went out to meet with the lawyer.

She was currently idle at home. If she needed to talk about work, she would often go out. And she could not always bring Rosie along. She needed a babysitter as soon as possible.

After meeting the lawyer, Summer was about to drive home.

Just as she arrived at the parking lot, she was stopped by a middle-aged man. The middle-aged man looked very strict in a business suit.

"Ms. Summer, my boss wants to have a cup of tea with you." His tone was very polite, but there was an inexplicable arrogance in his eyes.

Summer could guess who sent him here. She raised her eyebrows, "What if I don't want to have tea today?"

The middle-aged man said calmly, "You will want to have tea."

He clearly meant that Summer had to go with him whether she wanted or not.

Summer's expression turned serious as she said calmly, "Please lead the way.copy right hot novel pub