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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 815 Not So Bad As We Think

They were guests and Summer naturally had to let them in.

Summer quietly observed the two of them before saying, "Please come in."

Violet took the lead and followed in. Tim walked behind and helped close the door.

"Are you looking for Leonardo?" Summer asked as she walked in.

"Yes." Tim replied.

Summer paused. She could guess that Tim was coming for Leonardo, but what about Violet? Did a doctor have so much leisure time?

Seemingly seeing through what Summer was thinking, Tim explained, "I happened to pick up my wife on the way here. I'm sorry to disturb you."

Summer replied with a smile, "It doesn't matter."

But she soon realized that it sounded familiar. When she fell down from a high fever in the bathroom and Tim brought Violet to save her, he seemed to have said the same words.

Happened to pick her up? Were there so many coincidences?

But Summer could only put aside these thoughts for the moment.

Leonardo was assembling the toy with Rosie. Tim walked over and gave him a nod, "Mr. Emerson."

Leonardo didn't raise his head and only replied in a faint tone, "Tim."

Summer went to pour water for Tim and Violet. Violet was a gentle woman. She thanked Summer with a warm smile, "Thank you.copy right hot novel pub