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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 813 You've Done Nothing Wrong

Summer stared blankly at Leonardo with a complicated look. She seemed to be in shock, or she just remained calm.

After a while, Summer said, "Alright, I see."

Then, she got up and went to the bathroom. At the same time, Leonardo picked up his chopsticks and continued his lunch.

Summer stayed for a long while in the bathroom. She was engaged in self-examination.

For her, Leonardo was always a powerful man. He was so mighty that nothing seemed impossible for him.

Therefore, Summer naturally thought of him when she sorted out all the facts.

No one can make these at the same time, except Leonardo. However, he denied it firmly.

She couldn't even find anything unusual about his look.

After staying in the bathroom for a while, Summer swung the door open and went out.

But Leonardo was still at his lunch. He ate very slowly.

Summer took a distant glance and found that most of the dishes had been eaten up by him.

Did he have such a good appetite lately? But how could he lose so much weight with such an appetite? This was strange!

Summer headed towards Rosie and helped her open the new toy.

After a while, when Summer turned to the dining room, Leonardo had stopped eating. Instead, he stood at the table and began to clear up those lunch boxes.

The food was basically eaten up, and the rest had to be thrown away. There were a lot of dishes. Naturally, the boxes piled up.

Keen, Rosie immediately noticed that Leonardo had finished his meal.copy right hot novel pub