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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 807 Who Wanted to Kill Amber?

This time, Amber made up her mind to kill Summer, regardless of her own safety.

Astonishingly, she got a great strength. Neither of the waiters managed to stop Amber, one of them even scratched by her. The waiter had already taken Rosie away, so Summer had no concerns.

As Summer had learnt fighting skills before, she was quick to react. Then she wrestled with Amber.

Thus the waiters got the opportunity to control Amber.

At last, three waiters pressed Amber down on the ground and tied her up.

The restaurant was in chaos. Summer didn't care if people took pictures or videoed.

After Amber had been subdued, Summer went for Rosie. With red-rimmed eyes, Rosie clearly was frightened.

"Mom, you're injured." Rosie pointed at her shoulder and cried.

Stabbed by Amber's sharp stagger, half of Summer's arm was soaked in blood for she was wearing thin clothes.

Wiping his sweat, the manager walked over and said to Summer with anxiety, "Miss, we'll take you to the hospital to bandage up your arm."

For the good of the restaurant, he had to handle it carefully. Or it would have a great impact on the restaurant's business. It was why the manager paid much more attention to it.

With the injured arm, she couldn't drive.copy right hot novel pub