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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 806 Summer, Go to Hell!

It was easy to get sleepy in summer.

On the first day of the holiday, Rosie slept until nine in the morning. As soon as she woke up, she went to look for Summer.

"Mom, I'm hungry."

Summer was sitting on the sofa with her computer in her arms. Summer deliberately sat in the living room in case that Rosie would wake up at any moment.

She had been thinking about her new script, but hadn't decided on the final topic. So, she was gathering some information on the Internet.

"You are up," Summer touched Rosie's head and got up to lead her into the bathroom, "Wash your face first before you eat."

She cooked porridge and eggs this morning, and they should still be hot now.

After Rosie finished washing up, she ate porridge at the dining table. Summer continued to search for the information.

She flipped through two pages of documents on her computer, and then tilted her head to look in the direction of the dining table from the side of the computer.

Summer moved the pillow behind her and asked Rosie, "Rosie, is there any place you especially want to go to?"

Rosie took a spoon and sent a mouthful of porridge into her mouth. After thinking for a while, she opened her eyes wide and looked at Summer, but did not say anything.

Summer said in a soft voice, "Just say what you want. We are chatting. You can say whatever you want to say."

Rosie shook the spoon in her hand and said softly, "I want to see Dad."

Summer had actually thought of this, so she wasn't surprised, "Didn't you see him at dinner last time?"

"But he didn't even hug me, nor did he speak to me." There was a sense of grievance in Rosie's tone.

Summer fell silent. She took out her phone and hesitated for a moment before texting Leonardo.

"Rosie wants to see you. Do you have time recently?"

After sending the text message, Summer did not receive a reply immediately.

But Summer was not in a hurry. She put down her phone and looked up, only to see Rosie staring straight at her.

She smiled and said, "Let's talk about this after you finish your breakfast."

"Alright," Rosie replied and finished the porridge in a few seconds.

Then, she carefully slid down from the chair. She was just a little taller than the dining table. She raised her head high and went to the kitchen with the bowl.

She did not come out the kitchen immediately. Summer tilted her head and heard the sound of water coming from inside.copy right hot novel pub