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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 805 The Calm before a Storm

As Rosie spoke, there were tears in her eyes. However, she pursed her lips and held the tears in.

It hurt to see Rosie like this, but Summer didn't soften her tone.

"Alright, I know. But how can you leave with your father without telling me?" Summer said with a serious look.

"I was wrong," Rosie blinked and tears fell off her cheeks. She wiped the tears off her face with her small hands.

Summer did not hug Rosie nor wipe the tears for her. She asked, "Then what?"

"It won't happen anymore. I won't follow Dad without telling you." Rosie sobbed softly, not daring to cry.

Normally, Summer was very gentle to Rosie. But once she stopped being gentle, she was very intimidating to Rosie.

Summer stared at Rosie for a few seconds. Finally, she sighed and wiped Rosie's tears with a tissue. Rosie couldn't hold back any longer. She threw herself into Summer's arms and cried loudly.

After all, she was still a child. Summer hugged her and patted her back gently.

After a while, Rosie finally calmed down. Summer let go of Rosie and saw that her eyes and face had all turned red because of the crying.copy right hot novel pub