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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 804 Rosie’s Intention

After leaving the room, Summer called Jessica. Jessica and the others had brought Rosie back to their previous private room.

As soon as Summer pushed open the door and entered, Rosie saw her and said, "Mom!"

However, Summer did not answer her as gentle as before.

She looked at Rosie with a serious expression and said in a cold voice, "Yes."

Then she turned to Carl and Jessica and said, "Sorry to trouble you today."

Kids were sensitive. Rosie could tell Summer was angry. She stared at Summer and stood aside, looking crestfallen. She did not dare to hold Summer's hand either.

Carl smiled and said, "Don't mention that."

"That's right. If you say that again, I'll be angry." Jessica cast a glance at Rosie and pulled Summer by the arm. She whispered, "Don't frighten Rosie. She is just a little girl."

Summer shook her head slightly, indicating that she knew what to do.

Summer looked at the time and said, "It's getting late. Let's go back now."

Due to Rosie's disappearance, they didn't want to have fun anymore.

On the way home, Jessica sat in the backseat with Rosie and kept whispering in her ear.

Summer drove the car calmly without saying a word.

Not long after, the car stopped in front of the neighborhood where both of them lived. When Jessica got off the car, she tried to talk to Summer.

Summer knew what Jessica wanted to say and interrupted, "Don't worry."

Hearing her words, Jessica did not say anything further. Summer held Rosie's hand and went home. As Summer was furious, Rosie remained quiet all the way.copy right hot novel pub