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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 802 It's Really You

Summer knew that it was useless to blame the security guards at this time.

She then called Carl. Carl was probably in a noisy private room, so he didn't answer the phone.

She hung up and called Jessica again.

Jessica quickly answered, "Summer?"

Summer asked her, "How is it? Did you see Rosie?"

Jessica replied, "No, what about you? What's new?"

"The surveillance camera on one of the corridors didn't work. I just called Carl, but he didn't answer my call. I'm going to take a look at that strange corridor."

"Alright." Jessica knew that any solace at this time was useless. But she still comforted Summer, "Rosie is blessed by God. She will be fine, definitely."

"I know." Summer hung up and left the monitor room.

She went to the corridor where the surveillance camera didn't function well.

There were three private rooms in this corridor, all of which were luxurious.

Summer stopped a waiter at random, "Knock on the door and tell the guests inside that Mr. Carl will buy them drinks."

"But Mr. Carl....copy right hot novel pub