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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 800 This Is a Privilege for Children

"No one can easily ruin other’s life. If you think your life has been ruined, you must be the one to blame," Summer said calmly as she glanced at the restroom.

"It's you! You've ruined my life!" Amber looked at Summer with hatred, as if she was going to kill her.

Summer listened carefully and found there was no sound anymore.

Rosie was smart. She might not understand what Amber and Summer was talking about, but she could tell that they were at loggerheads. So she didn't come out immediately.

Summer thought of this and heaved a sigh of relief secretly.

"Whatever." Summer pretended to leave.

"Don't leave!" Amber grabbed her.

Summer chuckled and said softly, "You should know that Carl is the owner of Golden Cauldron Club."

Although Golden Cauldron Club was also Leonardo's property, Carl had been running it.

Amber bought it. Even if it were not for Jessica, she and Carl had grudge with each other because of Leonardo three years ago. So she didn't dare to make a fuss here.

"Wait and see. I must have you suffer whatever I've been through!" Amber said in a relentless tone with hatred glittering in her eyes. Then she went to the restroom.

After Amber went into the compartment, Summer went in, too.copy right hot novel pub