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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 798 He Is Just a Shareholder Now

The hashtag of "Jessica liked Jemmer" got on the trending topic list. The speed was astonishing.

In fact, Jessica didn't get on the trending topic list as frequently as Summer. Actually, she could make it on the trending topic list because of Summer.

Summer was so popular and controversial.

Jessica's agent called her, "Hey, what do you want to do with that trending search?"

The agent was specially selected by Carl for Jessica and was very experienced. He was very considerate for Jessica and would seek Jessica's opinion when dealing with anything about her.

The topic wasn't a negative one. Besides, it was about Summer. The manager was very clear about the relationship between Summer and Jessica, so he called to ask Jessica.

Jessica replied on the other end of the phone, "Wait a moment."

Then she turned to look at Summer and said, "Summer, what do you think? Shall we remove it from the list?"

Summer thought for a moment, then shook her head and said, "No. Anyway, it's not a negative one. If we take it down now, there might be a boomerang effect."

"Alright." Jessica replied so to her manager.

It had been on the trending topic list for a day before it dropped out. However, those people wouldn't stop.

They created a super topic of "Jemmer" after it had dropped out of the trending topic list.

There were hundreds of thousands of fans who had signed up for the super topic on that single day, making it directly into the top 50 of the Super Topic Ranking.

And the popularity was still increasing.

Jessica really enjoyed it. She clicked in to have a look and said, "The number of fans is growing so fast."

It was so boring. Summer didn't want to talk to her.

In the evening, Summer went with Jessica to pick up Rosie after school.

"Let's go out for dinner to celebrate our first day as Jemmer." Jessica sat in the passenger seat, so excited.

Summer rolled her eyes. Suddenly, her phone rang.

Summer glanced at it and found that it was from Carl. She looked at Jessica and said, "Answer the phone for me."

Jessica also saw Carl's name. She directly refused, "No."

Summer said, "Come on, I'm driving."

Jessica hesitated for a moment and answered the phone for Summer.

She turned on the speaker and handed it to Summer.

Summer glanced at her and then said "hello" to the phone.copy right hot novel pub