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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 797 Jemmer

When Summer saw the names of her, Jessica and Carl were placed together in the hashtag, she immediately woke up.

"What happened?" She sat up straight, staring at Jessica's phone screen.

Jessica showed her the top trending post with that hashtag in Twitter.

"As shown in the picture, Jessica has once spoken up for Summer. Jessica was under contract to Carl's company, Tip Top Media. So she knows Carl. Carl has once reposted Summer's clarification with his private account, which means he knows Summer. In other words, the three of them know each other..."

“... and they are always there for each other at the most critical time. How beautiful their friendship is!"

But Summer's first reaction was, "Who is behind this thing?”

Every time she had been on the trending topic list, it had been for bad things. It was unbelievable that this time people were not criticizing her.

"No one did it. It just made the list last night." Jessica shrugged her shoulders and kept reading the comments with fun.

She couldn't help but laugh while swiping the phone, "Guess what? These comments are quite interesting. Look at this one.copy right hot novel pub