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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 794 Her Heart Hardened

Alexander knew that Karen was short-sighted and ignorant. She doted on Vicky but did not care about Summer.

Alexander saw all these things in his eyes. As the eldest man in the Jarrett family, he was like an outsider, turning a blind eye to these things.

Later on, the relationship between the Jarretts became more and more distorted.

Vicky was completely spoiled by Karen. Spencer went abroad early, and he wasn't as crooked as Vicky.

Alexander was selfish. He was a cold-blooded person. After the kidnapping of Leonardo's mother happened, he was sent abroad by the Emersons and abandoned the Jarrett family.

After more than ten years, he returned to his home country and returned to the Jarrett family.

If Alexander had cared more about the family and Vicky back then, perhaps the relationship between the Jarretts would not have come like this.

He always said that what he did was for the good of the Jarrett family, but the first thing he wanted to protect was his own interests. He was not so selfless, nor did he do what an elder should do.

Hearing Summer's words, Alexander's face stiffened. Then, he smiled, with a trace of mockery on his face.

Alexander asked Summer, "Are you blaming me?"

Summer said without thinking, "No."

Alexander looked at her and waited for what she was going to say next.

Summer said calmly, "You didn't do what a grandfather should have done, so I don't have to do what a granddaughter should do. This is very fair."

"But you ... are still one of the Jarretts! The Jarrett family raised you up. How can you be so heartless?" Alexander's health was already very poor, and it was a bit laborious for him to say such a long sentence.

Summer gently brushed the hair beside her ear and said in a soft voice, "Lynn made an announcement on the newspaper saying that he was no longer my father. Karen chose Vicky over me. You knew what happened to me, but you didn't care about me at all. How can you call me heartless?"

Alexander's body trembled after hearing this. He looked at Summer carefully.

Summer was 26 years old. She was still young and beautiful, but her eyes were filled with insight that was not in line with her age.

Alexander, as Lynn's father, was very clear about what kind of person Lynn was. It was rare for Lynn to have such a clever daughter.

He was wrong. If he had brought Summer with him and nurtured her, the Jarrett Group would not have gone downhill to this extent.

Summer was smart and upright. As long as she put her heart into it, there was nothing that she could not learn.

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