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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 789 You Don't Deserve to Have My Child

Summer and Jessica sat at a table very far away from the stage.

Summer glanced over from afar, but she could not see Leonardo and Amber's faces clearly, so she looked away.

The waiter came over to pour the wine. Summer asked for a glass of juice and slowly enjoyed it. She took out her phone and surfed the Internet.

Another person walked to their table and sat down. Summer raised her head and her gaze met Stanley's.

Summer tightened her grip on the cup. She put the cup back and stared at Stanley without saying a word.

"Summer, I think the bride's wedding dress..." Jessica turned around to talk to Summer. She followed Summer's line of sight and saw Stanley.

"Don't tell me that Leonardo also sent you an invitation?" Summer narrowed her eyes and looked at Stanley.

Stanley did not answer and asked, "Didn't he send it to you?"

It meant that Leonardo had indeed sent an invitation to Stanley.

Summer paused as she looked suspiciously at Stanley. Stanley took out the invitation card and showed it to Summer.

Summer glanced at it and looked away.

The wedding went well.

Just as the wedding was about to end perfectly, the big screen on the side suddenly darkened.

After such an accident, it was now in a state of chaos.

Not long after, the big screen lit up again, but instead the sweet scene, it was playing something else.

"You want two or three...?"

"How can you be satisfied with two men..."

"You three could come together!"


Their words were obscene, and the scene was even worse.

The crowd suddenly became noisy.

"That woman seems to be the bride?"

"God, isn't this Amber a noble lady? She..."

"Who are playing this? Is it real?"

"Will this wedding continue?"

Jessica glanced at the screen, immediately turned around and withdrew her gaze.

"I knew Amber was not a good girl.copy right hot novel pub