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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 786 I'm Available Tonight

Summer invited Jessica rather than Carl.

"What? Am I not welcome?" Carl smiled while trying to look into the room.

Summer retreated to the side and let Carl in, "Welcome! Come in, please."

After Carl entered, Summer found that he had bought toys too.

"Come on. It's too kind of you. However, Rosie already has many toys, and it would be too wasteful to leave them idle."

Carl shook his head and said seriously to Summer, "You don't understand. A new toy can bring new happiness."

"For you, Mr. Carl, a new woman can bring new pleasure to you, right?" After knowing that Carl had come over, Jessica came out and said mockingly.

Summer had been busy moving house recently and did not pay attention to the news on the Internet.

Noticing Jessica's mocking tone, Summer guessed Carl might have another scandal. Was that true?

"Jessica, what are you talking about?" Carl raised his head slightly, with a trace of anger in his tone.

"Anyway, it's true." Jessica snorted and then turned around to sit on the sofa.

With Rosie around, she didn't want to say much for fear that she might quarrel with Carl.

Summer knew what Jessica was thinking. She pulled Carl to Rosie and said, "You play with Rosie for a while. I want Jessica to help me in the kitchen."

She was afraid that if she left them here, they would quarrel, so she separated them.

Summer pulled Jessica to the kitchen. She asked Jessica, "What happened to Carl?"

"Nothing much."

Jessica didn't want to tell Summer at beginning, but Summer kept asking her.

"Men will never change. Tip Top Media Company's new actresses are all beauties. He can even change girlfriends every day!" Jessica was helping Summer trim vegetables. As she spoke, she even forcefully tore the lettuce in her hand.

In the past, Summer would console Jessica.

However, now that her own relationship had ended in failure, she felt that she did not have a stand, nor did she have the qualifications to console her.

"Just think it over. It's good that you untie the knot in your mind. If you don't love him anymore, it's a good thing to make it clear earlier."

Jessica listened to what Summer said and was slightly stunned. She said, "Summer, why do you have such a negative attitude now?"

"No, I'm just disillusioned." Summer smiled and turned around to cook.

Not long after, Trevin also arrived.copy right hot novel pub