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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 777 Announce the Wedding

Summer hesitated for a moment before replying, "I did."

Carl touched his forehead, saying in a serious tone, "Why are you so calm at this point. Do you think Leonardo will let you go? Do you?"

Summer replied with certainty, "No."

"Then you...." Looking at Summer's calm face, Carl felt anxious, "Aren't you afraid of him?"

Summer remained calm, "There's nothing to be afraid of."

Just as Carl was about to continue, Jessica interrupted him, "Wait, what happened? What did you do to Leonardo? I can't understand you?"

"Nothing. It's just a small conflict between Leonardo and me." Summer quietly gave Carl a look, signaling him not to tell Jessica.

Summer didn't expect that Carl would come to her once he knew it. And it was the same day as Jessica was discharged from the hospital.

Summer had made up her mind not to tell Jessica anything about it. She didn't want Jessica to be worried.

"Don't fool me!" Jessica knew it was not that simple after listening to the conversation.

Jessica glanced at Summer and then turned her eyes upon Carl, "Summer doesn't want to tell me. You tell me!"

It was impossible for Carl to hide anything from Jessica. Giving Summer a reluctant look, he told Jessica everything.

Hearing what Carl had said, Jessica felt shocked and murmured, "Summer, you drugged Leonardo? Awesome!"

Tugging the corners of her mouth, Summer didn't say anything.

In the next second, Jessica exploded and said, "Do you think it's a compliment? You're so stupid. Even if you don't want the man anymore, you shouldn't push him to the bed of that bitch Amber." Carl said, "Leonardo and Summer are divorced...."

"Shut up!" Jessica snorted. Carl stopped speaking, looking out of the window.

"Beside, Leonardo is not a simple person. He can destroy you with just a finger....copy right hot novel pub