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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 776 I Don't Think I Owe You an Explanation

Before Summer could say anything, Trevin was walking towards the door.

She looked up. Trevin was standing by the door, yet he didn't open it. Trevin looked at Summer and smiled, "Nobody's there."

Then, he went back to the dining table. Summer did not say anything. The doorbell rang again.

Trevin looked up at Summer. She knew who it was.

"It's Leonardo, isn't it?" Summer put down her chopsticks, asking him in a soft voice.

Trevin's silence was saying yes.

Summer stood up. Trevin frowned and said, "Summer, if you don't want to see him now, I'll help you kick him out."

Summer shook her head, "It's fine."

After what she did, she knew she wouldn't get away with it. However, she never thought that Leonardo would come to her.

Summer stood at the door for a while and took a deep breath before opening the door.

Leonardo was dressed in a black suit, solemnity and gloom seeping out from him. He looked as if he were going to a funeral.

He remained silent, staring at Summer. And Summer remained silent, too.

After a while, she heard Leonardo's hoarse voice, "Don't you want to explain?"

"I don't think I owe you an explanation." Summer's voice was as hoarse as Leonardo's.

Both of them got a long face. Trevin felt worried, so he walked out.

"It's morning, and you are at the door of a single woman's room. Don't you feel it inappropriate?" Trevin smiled at Leonardo, trying to provoke him.

Trevin and Summer were both standing by the door. They looked perfect for each other. But Leonardo didn't think so. He was jealous.

Leonardo looked at Trevin with cold eyes for two seconds. Then, he took a step forward and pulled Trevin out of the room.

"Hey!" When Trevin turned around, the door had already slammed shut.

"Leonardo, you are a man.copy right hot novel pub