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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 772 Hand Him Over to Someone Else

Summer sat quietly on the sofa for a long time, and her gaze fell straight on the phone on the coffee table.

Summer clenched her hands resting on her lap, then loosened. She finally reached out to pick up the phone.

She unconsciously added the familiar phone number.

Summer hesitated for a long time. She put her thumb on the screen, but didn't dial.

Summer thought a lot. The scene of Leonardo and Amber together and the matter of Leonardo driving her out...

But what about Rosie? If she hesitated now, Rosie would live under the same roof as Amber in the future. Summer shook her head subconsciously. She could not put Rosie in danger.

Summer took a deep breath, made up her mind and dialed Leonardo's phone number.

Summer pursed her lips tightly and waited for the phone to be connected. After connecting, it rang several times before the person on the other end picked up the phone.

Leonardo's deep voice came from the phone, "What's up?" His voice was cold, without a trace of excess emotion.

Summer calmed down and said, "I want to talk to you."

"What do we have to talk about? Shouldn't you be trying to gather evidences to win the lawsuit now?" Leonardo's tone was cold and emotionless.

"What I want to talk to you about is the lawsuit."

"Who do you think you are? Why should I have to talk to you?"

Summer suppressed the discomfort in her heart and said firmly, "Because I am Rosie's mother."

After a moment of silence, Leonardo said, "Alright, I'll talk to you."

"Go to the Golden Cauldron Club at eight o'clock tomorrow evening." Summer said the address and time, then hung up.

Summer reached out to pull her hair and took a deep breath. Then she picked up her phone and dialed another number, "Trevin, help me find some drugs."

At eight in the evening, in Golden Cauldron Club.

Summer booked a private room in advance. The dishes were already on the table and the wine had been poured.

It was already eight o'clock, but Leonardo still didn't appear. Just as Summer thought that Leonardo had changed his mind and won't come, the door of the private room was pushed open from outside.

Leonardo walked in from the outside and only glanced at Summer before sitting down opposite her.

As usual, Leonardo wore a suit.copy right hot novel pub