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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 771 Make Him Hate Me

Amber was a smart woman, and she knew that Summer's words were reasonable.

Although she had been with Leonardo for so long, Leonardo had never slept with her. No one else knew about it except herself.

Although she was already thirty years old, she was well preserved. There were many people chasing after her. Amber thought she was charming, but Leonardo had never slept with her. This was a disgrace to her.

She would not tell anyone about this, much less let anyone know.

Summer's suggestion could solve the problem that Amber was currently facing. As long as she slept with Leonardo and had a child with him, she can be Mrs. Emerson.

Although Amber thought so much, she did not immediately agree, saying, "If I wanted to conceive Leonardo's child, I would discuss it with him. Why should I be threatened by you?"

"I know you understand me, so don't play dumb with me." Seeing Amber's thoughtful expression, Summer knew Amber could understand her words.

"If you don't cooperate with me, I won't be able to obtain the custody of Rosie. In the future, you will have to live with Rosie. And now, you have an opportunity to drive her away without any effort. Don't you want to seize this opportunity?"

After Summer finished speaking, she slowly stood up and said, "Think about it. Call me when you've thought about it."

Summer turned around and walked while silently counting in her heart, "One, two, three..."

"Wait!" Amber's voice sounded from behind.

Summer stood with her back to Amber and did not turn around. She just stood there quietly and waited for Amber to speak.

"I am willing to help you. I will think of a way to be pregnant with Leonardo's child. As long as I am pregnant, regardless of whether your case is won or not, you must take your daughter away!" This was something that would be beneficial to her, so of course she would not let go of this opportunity.

Summer said, "I'll be waiting for your good news."

Summer opened the door and went out.

Amber leaned against the bed and thought about how she could get Leonardo to sleep with her, especially when her legs were injured now.

But her chance soon came. The next afternoon, Leonardo came to see her.

Amber asked the nurse to leave, then she said softly, "Leonardo, I have back pain lately.copy right hot novel pub