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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 769 Help Him Catch Adultery

Seeing that Trevin was really going to sleep, Summer asked angrily, "Do you usually behave like this in other's houses?"

Trevin closed his eyes and said slowly, "Like what?"

Summer asked, "You don't know how to be 'courteous', do you?"

"We are friends. Why should I care?" Trevin flipped over and changed into a comfortable position. It seemed that he had no intention of getting up.

“You already make yourself at home…” Summer muttered to herself. Seeing that Trevin was really lying down, she couldn't do anything to him, so she went to the kitchen.

Summer opened the refrigerator and saw some dishes inside, but she didn't really do as Trevin wished.

What if he behaved shamelessly and scrounged meals off her later?

Summer thought for a while, then took the vegetables and eggs from the refrigerator and cooked two bowls of noodles with vegetables and eggs.

She brought out two bowls of noodles and placed them on the dining table. Then she raised her voice and shouted to Trevin, "Trevin, the lunch is ready!"

Trevin was only taking a nap, and he did not fall asleep.

Upon hearing Summer call him, he immediately got up, "You finish it so fast! I'm coming."

Trevin ran to the dining table excitedly. Seeing two bowls of noodles, he was bewildered.

Trevin pointed at the noodles on the table and asked Summer in disbelief, "Just this?"

"You don't want to eat?" Summer had already reached over. As long as he said "I don't want to eat," she would take the noodle bowl over.

"Of course, I'll eat!" Trevin hurriedly walked over and reached out to bring one bowl in front of him, afraid that Summer would bring it away.

The two of them sat down face to face to eat noodles.

Trevin ate very politely at the beginning, but later, he "sucked" his noodles and didn't care so much about his image.

He finished his noodles very quickly and stared at Summer and praised her, "It’s too delicious. Look, I've eaten all of them."

As he spoke, he pointed the bowl at Summer and signaled her to take a look.

Summer did not raise her head and only replied, "Yes."

"The noodles you cook are so delicious. You must be good at cooking, right?" Trevin dragged his chair to Summer’s side and tilted his head to look at Summer.

Even without asking, Summer knew what Trevin was up to.

"Just go, since you're full." Summer asked him to leave and then carried the bowls to the kitchen.

Trevin followed in, "What will you eat for dinner?"

Summer turned around and glared at him. Trevin rubbed his nose and said, "I'm leaving immediately..."

There was a knock on the door. The two looked at each other and Trevin said, "Shall I open the door for you?"

Summer pushed him aside and said, "No, thanks."

There was no need for Trevin to open the door since she was at home.copy right hot novel pub